Berman Institute Monthly Newsletter

May 2022


Cynda Rushton is a recipient for the Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

Theo Schall won the Marilyn Bergner Award for Health Services Research for his dissertation.

The National Academies released Realizing the Promise of Equity in the Organ Transplantation System. Mario Macis served on the committee.


Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference
Global Infectious Disease Ethics (GLIDE) Collaborative
Monday, June 27, 2022 – Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 12 am
The Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference takes place every two years. It aims to foster comprehensive multi-disciplinary debate and addresses critically important ethical issues in the conception and implementation of Global Health.


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Opioid treatment program safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic: a statewide survey
BMC Health Service Research
Authors: Sachini Bandara, Hannah Maniates, Eric Husley, Jennifer S. Smith, et al including Brendan Saloner

A national survey of state laws regarding medications for opioid use disorder in problem-solving courts
BMC Health and Justice
Authors: Barbara Andraka-Christou, Olivia Randall-Kosich, Matthew Golan, et al including Brendan Saloner

Language and Health (In)Equity in US Latinx Communities
AMA Journal of Ethics
Authors: Zackary Berger and Yael Peled

Toward Responsible Public Engagement in Neuroethics
AJOB Neuroscience
Authors: J. Lomax Boyd, Jeremy Sugarman

Think Pragmatically: Investigators’ Obligations to Patient-Subjects When Research is Embedded in Care
The American Journal of Bioethics
Stephanie Morain, and Emily Largent

Governance of Emerging Technologies in Health and Medicine — Creating a New Framework
The New England Journal of Medicine
Authors: Debra J.H. Mathews, Celynne A. Balatbat, and Victor J. Dzau

War Prevention and Mitigation are Public Health Imperatives of Our Time
Authors: Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Pamela DeLargy, Aisha Jumaan, Mukesh Kapila, Leonard Rubenstein

Ethical Responsibilities of a Military to the Social Determinants of Health of its Service Members
Military Medicine
Author: Hunter Jackson Smith

Clients’ Perspectives on Patient-Centeredness: a Qualitative Study with Low-Income Minority Women Receiving HIV Care in South Florida
Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
Authors: Sofia B. Fernandez, Melissa K. Ward, Daisy Ramírez-Ortiz, et al, including Mary Catherine Beach

“There Is No Good Decision”: Understanding Why Parents Decline Home Mechanical Ventilation for Their Children (FR264)
Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Authors: Kelly Shipman, Amanda Mercer, Renee Boss, et al

Patient caught breastfeeding and instructed to stop: an empirical ethics study on marijuana and lactation
Journal of Cannibis Research
Authors: Marielle S. Gross, Margot Le Neveu, Kara A. Milliken, and Mary Catherine Beach

Sociodemographic differences in quality of treatment to Medicaid enrollees receiving buprenorphine
Substance Abuse
Authors: Rachel Landis, Jonathan Levin, Brendan Saloner, et al.

Socio-Technical Innovation Bundles for Agri-Food Systems Transformation
Part of the book series: Sustainable Development Goals Series
Authors: Christopher B. Barrett, Tim Benton, Jessica Fanzo, et al.

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April 26, 2022
How the pandemic accelerated nurse burnout
Cynda Rushton describes the moral scars nurses carry in COVID’s wake.

April 22, 2022
The world’s food system is too dependent on wheat
The Sydney Morning Herald
Jessica Fanzo writes.

April 21, 2022
Bioethics expert says doctor accused of murdering patients is ‘not a new issue’ | On Balance with Leland Vittert
Travis Rieder comments.

April 18, 2022
Justice Builders: In righting wrongs, they’re protecting the health of millions
Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine
Nancy Kass is featured

April 15, 2022
How Biased Data and Algorithms Can Harm Health
Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine
Kadija Ferryman is featured.

April 1, 2022
How many COVID deaths are ‘acceptable’? Answer is key to moving to a post-pandemic world
Los Angeles Times
With comments from Jeffrey Khan.

Attacks on Health Care in the War in Ukraine: International Law and the Need for Accountability
JAMA Network
Authors include Leonard Rubenstein.

March 31, 2022
War in Ukraine: Perspectives on the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine
Johns Hopkins University HUB
Five Johns Hopkins experts, including Leonard Rubenstein, discuss.


“What’s Ethical About Infertility: Protecting a Child’s Right to an Open Future”
April 19, 2022
Pediatric grand Rounds at Sinai by our Yoram Unguru.

Unproven Stem Cell Therapies: A Growing Global Health Issue
The New York Stem Cell Foundation
Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 11 am – 12 pm EDT
Experts Peter Marks, MD, PhD, Timothy Caulfield, LLM, FRSC, FCAHS, Valentina Fossati, PhD, and Jeffrey Kahn, PhD, MPH explore the science behind legitimate stem cell therapies and what these unproven stem cell clinics are offering patients. This discussion was moderated by NYSCF CEO & Founder Susan L. Solomon, JD.

“Ethical Considerations for Cis Providers of Trans Care”
JH Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine Graduate Fellows Workshop
April 1, 2022
Talk by our Theo Schall.

Big Data, Precision Medicine, Research & Resilience in Southeast Indian Country
Thursday, March 24, 2022
With our Debra Matthews. Link to watch talk.

“Eduardo Kac: Telepresence: Bio Art and Space Poetry”
Sawyer Seminar on Precision and Uncertainty in a World of Data in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Media Studies and the SFN Parkway Theater,
March 16, 2022
With our Jeff Kahn.