Brendan Saloner, PhD

Core Faculty; Assistant Professor


624 North Broadway
Room 344
Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Core Faculty
    Berman Institute of Bioethics
  • Bloomberg Associate Professor of American Health
    Dept. of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Brendan Saloner, PhD, is a Bloomberg Associate Professor of American Health in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. He holds appointments in the Berman Institute of Bioethics and the Department of Mental Health, and is a member of the Institute of Health and Social Policy.

Brendan Saloner is interested in issues related to equity in the financing of health services for vulnerable populations, and in issues related to health care reform in the United States. He has published articles related to health insurance affordability and cost-sharing in public insurance programs. He also has empirical interests related to mental health and substance abuse treatment, children’s health, and public insurance.

His work has been published in notable journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affairs, Journal of Health Policy, Politics, and Law. His work has also been featured in the New York Times, NPR, CNN, and other major national news organizations.

Dr. Saloner received his doctoral degree in Health Policy at Harvard University in 2012, with a concentration in ethics. He was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar from 2012-2014. He was the Greenwall Fellow in Bioethics at the National Academy of Medicine from 2015-2017. In 2019, he received the AcademyHealth Alice S. Hersh Emerging Leader Award.

Research Interests

  • Equity in the financing of health services for vulnerable populations
  • Issues related to health care reform in the United States


  • BA, University of California, Berkeley
  • PhD, Harvard University

Recent Publications

  1. Saloner, B., & Lê Cook, B. (2014). An ACA provision increased treatment for young adults with possible mental illnesses relative to comparison group. Health Affairs, 33(8), 1425-34.
  2. Saloner, B., Sabik, L., & Sommers, B. D. (2014). Pinching the poor? Medicaid cost sharing under the ACA. New England Journal of Medicine, 370(13), 1177-1180.
  3. Saloner, B., Koyawala, N., & Kenney, G. M. (2014). Coverage for low-income immigrant children increased 24.5 percent in states that expanded CHIPRA eligibility. Health Affairs, 33(5), 832-839.
  4. Saloner, B., Lê Cook, B. (2013). Blacks and Hispanics are less likely than whites to complete addiction treatment, largely due to socioeconomic factors. Health Affairs, 32(1), 135-145.
  5. Saloner, B., & Daniels, N. (2011). The ethics of the affordability of health insurance. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law, 36(5), 815-827.