Marielle Gross

Hecht-Levi Fellow


Deering Hall
1809 Ashland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21205

Marielle Gross just completed her residency in Gynecology & Obstetrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Marielle received her MD from University of Florida College of Medicine with Honors in Research in 2014. She also received her master’s in Bioethics at New York University in 2010. Marielle received the Williams Senior Resident Research Award in 2017 for Breastfeeding Policy for US Women Living with HIV: An Ethical Analysis of the Evidence and was inducted into the Johns Hopkins Distinguished Teaching Society in 2017. Her research interests include the ethics and cost-effectiveness of progressively widespread ultrasound use, particularly regarding current reimbursement structures and evidence-based resource allocation for prenatal care. During her Hecht-Levi Fellowship, Marielle’s goal is to execute an empirical study on patient perspectives about participating in surgical training, and to expand her work on breastfeeding ethics, as well as focus on advocacy surrounding disparities in access to infertility treatment.


  • Residency in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • MD, University of Florida College of Medicine with Honors in Research
  • Master’s in Bioethics, New York University