Berman Institute Monthly Newsletter August 2021

August 2021


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We will never give up”: A qualitative study of ethical challenges Syrian health workers face in situations of extreme violence Disasters

Authors: Namrita Singh, Grant Broussard, Matthew Decamp, et al, including Leonard Rubenstein

Life with pediatric home ventilation: Expectations versus experience Pediatric Pulmonology

Authors: Carrie Henderson, Jessica Raisanen, Kelly Shipman, Nicholas Jabre, Benjamin Wilfond, Renee Boss

Patients’ perspectives on the derivation and use of organoids STEM Cell Reports

Authors: Juli Bollinger, Elizabeth May, Debra Mathews, Mark Donowitz, & Jeremy Sugarman

Refractive Error Findings in Students Who Failed School-based Vision Screening Ophthalmic Epidemiology

Authors: Xinxing Guo, Angeline Nguyen, Hursuong Vongsachang, et al, including Megan Collins

Biologics for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps: Economics and ethics International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology

Authors: Lauren T. Roland, Alan Regenberg, Amber U. Luong, et al

Carrying Equity in COVID-19 Vaccination Forward: Guidance Informed by Communities of Color CommuniVax

Authors: Emily Brunson, Monica Schoch-Spana, Mary Carnes, et al, including Nancy Kass

Challenges to Building a Gene Variant Commons to Assess Hereditary Cancer Risk: Results of a Modified Policy Delphi Panel Deliberation, Journal of Personalized Medicine

Authors: Mary Majumder, Matthew Blank, Janis Geary, Juli M. Bollinger

Physician perspectives on placebo ethics Journal of Medical Ethics

Authors: John Bliamptis, Anne Barnhill

COVID-19 vaccine prioritization of incarcerated people relative to other vulnerable groups: An analysis of state plans PLOS One

Authors: Rachel Strodel, Lauren Dayton, Henri M. Garrison-Desany, et al, including Leonard Rubenstein

Doing the Daily, Deliberate Work of Addressing Systemic Racial Injustice in Health Care

Academic Medicine

Authors: Elizabeth Ghandakly

Preferences for Updates on General Research Results: A Survey of Participants in Genomic Research from Two Institutions Journal of Personalized Medicine

Authors: Casey Overby Taylor, Natalie Flaks Manov, Katherine D. Crew, et al, including Debra Mathews

Vaccinomics: a cross-sectional survey of public values Human Vaccines & Immunotheraputics

Authors: Jennifer Gerber, Janesse Brewer, Rupali Limaye, et al, including Gail Geller and Jeffrey Kahn

COVID-19 Medical-Religious Partnerships: Implementation of a Just-In-Time COVID-19 Training in Catholic Schools Journal of Religion and Health

Authors: Panagis Galiatsatos, Alexandria Soybel, Jacqueline Bryan, et al, including Megan Collins

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July 24

Colorado has 2 months to use 350,000 doses of stockpiled COVID-19 vaccine before they expire

The Denver Post

With comments from Ruth Faden

July 20

Overdose Deaths Increased by Nearly 30% in 2020


With comments from Brendan Saloner

July 15

New project unites digital humanities, Black studies, and data and computation


Project includes our Jeremy Greene.

July 14

U.S. Drug-Overdose Deaths Soared Nearly 30% in 2020, Driven by Synthetic Opioids

The Wall Street Journal

With comments from Brendan Saloner


CommuniVax: A Coalition to Strengthen the Community’s Role in an Equitable COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign


With our Nancy Kass.


The Pandemic Year Broke the Record for Fatal Drug Overdoses


With Brendan Saloner.

July 12

These are the different schemes around the world promoting people to get vaccinated

World Economic Forum

With comments from Nancy Kass


WHO Panel Issues Gene-Editing Standards Aimed at Averting DNA Dystopia

The Wall Street Journal

With comments from Jeffrey Kahn

July 10

Once Nepal gets vaccines, they need to be fairly distributed

Nepali Times

Including our Swetha Manohar.


July 6

Why CRISPR gene editing could be the future of medicine

MPR News with Kerri Miller

Jeffrey Kahn was a guest.


July 5

The UK’s booster shots can’t come at the cost of first doses elsewhere


With comments from Joseph Ali.

July 1

How Can Consumers Eat Well Without Wrecking the Planet?


This is the question posed by Jessica Fanzo.


Moral Distress, Palliative Care, and the Road to Resilience


With comments from Cynda Rushton.

May 7

The UK’s booster shots can’t come at the cost of first doses elsewhere


With comments from Joseph Ali.


On July 23, Kadija Ferryman was a guest speaker at the University of Washington Data Science for Social Good program.

On July 21, the HPTN 083-02 Study Team, which includes Jeremy Sugarman, presented “Understanding participant experiences and preferences in an injectable PrEP trial: a qualitative sub-study of barriers, facilitators, and preferences for PrEP use among MSM and TGW” at the 11th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science.

On July 15, Jeffrey Kahn spoke to the City Club of Central Oregon about “Ethical Dilemmas in the Era of COVID-19.”

On June 28, Megan Collins and others held a webinar discussion by the World Bank, UNICEF and Johns Hopkins eSchool+ Initiative. The talk was called “COVID-19 – Dissecting Education’s Global Response and Recovery: Using data to inform resilient education systems building (policy, practice, and uptake).”

On May 5, Kadija Ferryman was a keynote speaker for the .csv conference. Her talk was titled “Race Matters in Health Data” and recording can be found here.