What We Do

The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics fulfills its mission by:

Advancing fair and compassionate healthcare that puts people first

Doctor examining a patient
Analysis of Medical Records Finds Physicians Are More Likely to Doubt Black Patients
Berman Institute's Mary Catherine Beach publishes study in Journal of General Internal Medicine
Eyeglasses for School Kids Boosts Academic Performance
Berman Institute's Megan Collins leads three-year clinical study linking access to eyeglasses with higher test scores
Perilous Medicine: The Quest to Restore Protections for Health Workers
Len Rubenstein’s new book highlights dangers health workers face during armed conflict as well as the struggle to protect them

Leading the charge for equitable and effective public health policies and practices

Searching for Winning Public Health Strategies in Lessons from the Covid War
In absence of National Covid Commission, Ruth Faden joins other leading experts to analyze America’s pandemic response
Map from the COMIT website
Global Policies on COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy Vary Widely by Country
Berman Institute faculty create worldwide snapshot of policies influencing access to COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant people
New Global Tracker to Measure Pandemic’s Impact on Education Worldwide
Tracker a collaborative effort of Johns Hopkins University, the World Bank, and UNICEF
Overview: Ethical Concerns in Responding to Coronavirus
Berman Institute experts discuss critical principles

Guiding the ethical development and use of new technologies

New “Bot Love” Podcast Explores Personal Relationships Humans are Developing with AI Chatbots
7-part series created in collaboration with Berman Institute’s iDeas Lab
Berman Institute’s Jeremy Greene Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship
Noted historian of how medical technology influences our understandings of sickness and health is among 171 scholars selected for the prestigious recognition
Portrait Photo of Henrietta Lacks
Addressing Social Justice Through the Lens of Henrietta Lacks
Berman Institute faculty lead ASBH Plenary (video available)
Prof. Mathews Named Chair of Maryland Stem Cell Commission
Will focus on identifying and fostering cutting-edge research and innovation in regenerative medicine

Addressing disparities arising from global sustainability challenges

Exploring the Global Systems that Shape Diets and Nutrition for Nations Around the Globe
“Global Food Systems, Diets, and Nutrition: Linking Science, Economics, and Policy” text published by Berman Institute faculty
Image of the COVID virus merged with a hurricane
Climate Change Places Vulnerable Populations in a Double Bind During Storm Seasons in COVID-19 Era
MBE graduate writes about pandemic's exacerbating impact on individuals living in hurricane zones
Agri-food Systems Transformation: New, Ambitious Framework Proposed to Monitor Progress
Prof. Fanzo seeks rigorous metrics system in piece published by the Food Policy Journal
Choose Food: Ethically Benchmarking Food Systems
Empowering eaters by enabling informed ethical decision making around food choices

Preparing the next generation of leaders in bioethics

MBE Graduate De Jesus Wins National Award for Leadership in Internal Medicine Bioethics
Annual Award Named in Honor of Berman Institute Faculty Member Jeremy Sugarman, MD
Photo of the original Johns Hopkins Hospital
Berman Institute Creates Course for Medical Students Disrupted by COVID
New elective immersed students in real-time independent research on the pandemic’s impact
Ph.D. Graduate McCague Named Eagleton Fellow by Rutgers University
Will work on newborn screening in NJ Dept. of Health
Genomics and Society Mentorship Program
Open to undergraduate students, the Program enhances diversity among future ethical, legal and social implications researchers

Working to safeguard the rights and interests of research participants

New Human Embryo Models Require New Guidelines for Their Ethical Use in Research
Prof. Jeremy Sugarman publishes paper in Cell Stem Cell
How Abortion Restrictions Can Influence Research
Participants and researchers both impacted, according to Prof. Sugarman article in Science
JHU Collaborates with Addis Ababa University to Launch Research Ethics Master’s Program
Berman Institute's Joseph Ali helps create the first bioethics-related Master’s training program in Ethiopia