What We Do

The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics fulfills its mission by:

Advancing fair and compassionate healthcare that puts people first

Q&A with Cynda Hylton Rushton: Examining Clinician Burnout
A pioneer in helping nurses overcome the burden of burnout shares her insights as clinicians face unprecedented stress
Fighting Back Against A Critical Shortage of Vital Pediatric Drugs
Yoram Unguru’s advocacy helps compel drug company to resume vincristine production
Can Physicians Working in Detention Facilities Uphold Their Hippocratic Oath?
Faculty Nancy Kass and Len Rubenstein address issue in JAMA
Ethics for Lunch: Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis
Monthly discussion series reviewed important real-life clinical ethics issues arising from the pandemic

Leading the charge for equitable and effective public health policies and practices

Looming Blood Shortage Raises Ethical Questions about Allocation
Berman Institute Director Jeffrey Kahn publishes NY Daily News commentary
JHU Faculty Express Urgent Concern about Covid-19 Spread in Prison
More than 200 sign letter urging Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to take action
An Approach for Rationing Care During the Pandemic
Faculty share insights from Berman Institute project in Washington Post commentary
Overview: Ethical Concerns in Responding to Coronavirus
Berman Institute experts discuss critical principles

Guiding the ethical development and use of new technologies

Jeff Kahn Named to International Commission
Group to develop framework for assessing clinical application of human germline genome editing
JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics
Stimulating innovative interdisciplinary work that takes on ethical issues arising in professions and scholarly disciplines, within institutions and society
Vaccine Guidance Gains Global Attention
Berman faculty call for new approach to treatment of pregnant women in vaccine research and deployment
25th Anniversary Historical Highlight: Exploring Legacy of Report on Human Radiation Experiments
Symposium revisits White House advisory effort led by Berman Institute founder

Addressing disparities arising from global sustainability challenges

Global Food Ethics & Policy Program
Deepening collaborations and partnerships, convening experts and leaders to shape policy, connecting scholars and scientists to societal players that shape the global food system
Choose Food: Ethically Benchmarking Food Systems
Empowering eaters by enabling informed ethical decision making around food choices
Prof. Fanzo shapes Lancet food systems report
Diet and food production must radically change to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to the planet
Beef, Food Choices, and Values
Identifying ways to shift the consumption of beef in the United States in order to support planetary and human health

Preparing the next generation of leaders in bioethics

Berman Institute Launches SNF Bioethics Academy
New program to build bioethics capacity in Greece
Ph.D. Graduate McCague Named Eagleton Fellow by Rutgers University
Will work on newborn screening in NJ Dept. of Health
Multiple Postdoctoral Fellowships Available
Apply for Hecht-Levi Program or multiple new positions with specific areas of focus
Genomics and Society Mentorship Program
Open to undergraduate students, the Program enhances diversity among future ethical, legal and social implications researchers