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Prof. Fanzo shapes Lancet food systems report
Diet and food production must radically change to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to the planet
Ethics for Lunch
Monthly discussion at Johns Hopkins Hospital about about an important clinical ethics issue
Celebrating 10 Top Stories from 2018
Look back at some of the many great Berman Institute achievements from 2018
Berman Faculty share response to human gene editing claims
A renegade. But not a charlatan. That was the opinion of a group of Berman Institute faculty about He Jiankhi, the Chinese scientist who claims to have used the gene-editing tool CRISPR to edit the embryos of twin girls that he said were born last month. In the wake of He’s announcement, the Berman Institute held […]

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JHU Berman Institute
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing not ready for prime time in rheumatology - w comments from our Debra Mathews
JHU Berman Institute
The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good. via @voxdotcom
JHU Berman Institute
Oversight of direct-to-consumer neurotechnologies
JHU Berman Institute
Global #FoodEthics & Policy Program Roundup - This Week - EAT-Lancet Commission, Sustainability, Slow Chicken, Pani…