Berman Institute Monthly Newsletter – February 2021

February 2021


The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics is pleased to announce that two members of its faculty, Debra JH Mathews, PhD, and Maria Merritt, PhD, have been elected as Fellows by The Hastings Center.

Hastings Center Fellows are a group of more than 200 individuals of outstanding accomplishment whose work has informed scholarship and public understanding of complex ethical issues in health, health care, science, and technology. Their common distinguishing feature is uncommon insight and impact in areas of critical concern to the Center–how best to understand and manage the inevitable values questions, moral uncertainties, and societal effects that arise as a consequence of advances in the life sciences, the need to improve health and health care for people of all ages, and mitigation of human impact on the natural world.


Fair Partnership as a Determinant of Effectiveness of Global Health Campaigns and Implications for Research Ethics – Jim Lavery, PhD, MSc
Berman Institute Seminar Series
February 8, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
The dominant paradigm of research ethics around the world is tightly focused on the protection of individual research participants through adherence to pre-specified procedures, such as informed consent. This emphasis on obligations to protect individual research participants has marginalized other dimensions of the global research enterprise that have clear ethical significance. In this presentation Lavery will outline what he sees as some of the defining features of the dominant research ethics paradigm and argue that at least two major ethical considerations are not adequately acknowledged or addressed in this paradigm. Join here on Zoom with password “Lavery”.

Moving beyond the social construct of race in genomics research – Vence L. Bonham, Jr., JD 
February 10, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM EST
Mr. Bonham is the Senior Advisor to the NHGRI Director on Genomics and Health Disparities. Additionally, Mr. Bonham is an Associate Investigator within the Social and Behavioral Research Branch, where Mr. Bonham directs the Health Disparities Unit. the mission of the HDU is to investigate approaches to translating new genomic knowledge and precision medicine into clinical settings without exacerbating health inequities. Join here on Zoom.

39th Brin Lecture in Medical Ethics – Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH, FACP
February 11, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM EST
The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins is pleased to announce The 39th David barap Brin Lecture in Medical Ethics. Join Professor Matthew Wynia on a discussion on the ethics and the “police powers” of public health. Join here on Zoom.

Centering Voices of Formerly and Currently Incarcerated Leaders in the Movement: From Prison Cells to PhD – Education over Incarceration
February 16, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Keynote Speaker: Stanley Andrisse, PhD, Assistant Professor, Howard University College of Medicine and Executive Director, From Prison Cells to PhD. Link for free registration.

Data Sharing in the Time of COVID-19
Hot Topics in Research Ethics: Dr. Phaik Yeong Cheah
February 22, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST
The importance of promoting effective, ethical, and equitable data sharing in health research has increased in the time of COVID-19. International funders have mandated that funding recipients share data from research related to COVID-19 as soon as the study is completed, regardless of publication status. However, there are many challenges related to data sharing. This presentation will describe some of the international initiatives related to data sharing and discuss some potential solutions to some of their associated challenges. Register here for free.

Can Agriculture Save the Planet Before It Destroys It? – Jack Bobo, CEO – Futurity
Berman Institute Seminar Series
February 22, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Join here on Zoom with password “Bobo”.

Symposium: COVID-19 Vaccine Development, Strategy and Implementation
Columbia Program in Vaccine Education
February 22 – February 26
The Program in Vaccine Education at the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons’ mission is to educate medical students and to inform health care professionals, public health experts, academic, government and industry researchers, policy makers, global health non-governmental organizations, journalists, and the general public as to the cutting-edge advances and challenges in modern vaccine development. Ruth Faden will give a presentation titled “Ethical challenges in assuring global access to vaccines: a view from the North.” Register here for free.


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Impact of Hospital Visitor Restrictions on Racial Disparities in Obstetrics,” Health Equity
Authors: Alexandra Norton, Tenisha Wilson, Gail GellerMarielle S. Gross

Assessment of Parental Choice Predisposition for Tonsillectomy in Children,” JAMA Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery 
Authors: Grace R. Leu, Anne R. Links, Marisa A. Ryan, et al, including Mary Catherine Beach

Assessment of Filled Buprenorphine Prescriptions for Opioid Use Disorder During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic,” JAMA Internal Medicine
Authors: Thuy D. Nguyen, Sumedha Gupta, Engy Ziedan, et al, including Brendan Saloner

Mindful Ethical Practice and Resilience Academy: Equipping Nurses to Address Ethical Challenges,” American Journal of Critical Care
Authors: Cynda H. Rushton, Sandra M. Swoboda, Nancy Reller, et al

Food security and livelihoods of post-resettlement households around Kanha National Park,” PLOS One
Authors: Amrita Neelakantan, Ruth DeFries, Jessica Fanzo

A Checklist to Assess Childbearing Intentions and Promote Referral to Preconception Care or Contraception: A Multi-Site Study,” Maternal & Child Health Journal
Authors: Roxanne Mirabal-Beltran, Jean Anderson, Jacinda K. Dariotis, Sarah Finocchario-Kessler

The need for inclusion of pregnant women in COVID-19 vaccine trials,” Vaccine
Authors: Richard Beigi, Carleigh Krubiner, Denise Jamieson, Anne Lyerly, Brenna Hughes, Laura Riley, Ruth Faden, Ruth Karron

What Factors Predict Willingness to Join Low‐Risk Pragmatic Clinical Trials?,” Ethics & Human Research
Authors: Stephanie Morain, Nancy KassRuth Faden

‘From fat and frazzled to fit and happy’: governing the unhealthy employee through quantification and wearable technologies,” Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
Author: Katelyn Esmonde

Personal prenatal ultrasound use by women’s health professionals: An ethical analysis,” Clinical Ethics
Authors: Marielle S. GrossGail Geller, Anne Drapkin Lyerly

Understanding Bias in Surgery: Perceived Cultural Similarity Between Surgeons and Patient Families,” Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery
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Who Goes First? Government Leaders and Prioritization of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines,” New England Journal of Medicine
Author: Mark T. HughesJeffrey Kahn, Allen Kachalia

Assessing the Added Therapeutic Benefit of Ultra-Expensive Drugs,” Value in Health Journal
Authors: Michael J. DiStefano, So-Yeon Kang, Farah Yehia, Christian Morales, Gerard F. Anderson

HIV prevention research and COVID-19: putting ethics guidance to the test,” BMC Medical Ethics
Authors: Stuart Rennie, Wairimu Chege, Leah A. Schrumpf, Florencia Luna, et al, including Jeremy Sugarman

Hypoglycemia Communication in Primary Care Visits for Patients with Diabetes,” Journal of General Internal Medicine
Author: Scott J. Pilla, Jenny Park, Jessica L. Schwartz, Michael C. Albert, et al, including Mary Catherine Beach

Indeterminate Prenatal Ultrasounds and Maternal Anxiety: A Prospective Cohort Study,” Maternal & Child Health Journal 
Authors: Marielle S. Gross, Hyeyoung Ju, Lauren M. Osborne, Eric B. Jelin, et al

Isolated and On Guard: Preparing Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Families for Life with Hydrocephalus,” American Journal of Perinatology
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Participant Perspectives and Experiences Entering an Intensively Monitored Antiretroviral Pause (IMAP): Results from the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) A5345 Biomarker Study,” AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
Authors: Karen L Diepstra, Liz Barr, David Palm, Evelyn Hogg, et al, including Jeremy Sugarman

Performance of a Predictive Model versus Prescription-Based Thresholds in Identifying Patients at Risk of Fatal Opioid Overdose,” Substance Use & Misuse
Authors: Lindsey M. Ferris, Brendan Saloner, Kate Jackson, B. Casey Lyons, et al

Socio-Technical Innovation Bundles for Agri-Food Systems Transformation,” Nature Sustainability
Author: Christopher B. Barrett, Tim G. Benton, Jessica Fanzo, Mario T. Herrero, et al

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January 30
How States Are Prioritizing Limited Vaccine Supplies
NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with Ruth Faden.

January 28
Pregnant Women Get Conflicting Advice on Covid-19 Vaccines
The New York Times
With comments from Carleigh Krubiner.

At Elite Medical Centers, Even Workers Who Don’t Qualify Are Vaccinated
The New York Times
With comments from Ruth Faden.

What pregnant, breastfeeding women should know about the COVID vaccine
ABC News
With comments from Ruth Faden.

January 27
Protections in place to stop the rich from cutting the vaccine line
Yahoo! News
Ruth Faden is a guest.

January 25
Giving It a Shot Amid a disastrous vaccine rollout, is it wrong to take advantage of technicalities and glitches?
New York Magazine: Intelligencer
With comments from Ruth Faden.

Government leaders should not skip to the front of the COVID-19 vaccine line
Jeffrey Kahn and Mark Hughes were quoted

Protect Pregnant Women ‘Through Research,’ Not ‘From Research,’ OB-GYNs Urge
With comments from Carleigh Krubiner.

January 24
Rabik: The ethics of COVID-19 vaccinations — who gets it and when
The Times
With comments from Ruth Faden.

Listen: Who Gets the Next Shot?
The Atlantic
Podcast: Ruth Faden is interviewed.

January 19
I’m pregnant and a doctor: This is why I got the COVID-19 vaccine
Good Morning America
Ruth Faden was quoted

January 15

Maryland expands vaccine eligibility even as vaccines remain in short supply
The Baltimore Sun
With comments from Ruth Faden.

COVID-19 Supply Deal Lets Vaccine Maker Earmark Doses For Employees And Their Families
With comments from Ruth Faden.

Some workers don’t want a COVID-19 vaccine. Can their bosses make them get it anyway?
Los Angeles Times
With comments from Ruth Faden.

January 13

Johnson & Johnson Expects Vaccine Results Soon but Lags in Production
The New York Times
With comments from Ruth Faden.

Higher Ed Workers Get in the COVID Vaccine Line
Inside Higher Ed
With comments from Ruth Faden.

Getting Ready For A Future Pandemic Worse Than COVID-19
American Public Health Association
Jeremy Greene was a guest.

January 12

Experts Predict What School Will Look Like Next Fall
With comments from Megan Collins.

How Are Teachers Prioritized for COVID-19 Vaccination by the US States?
Berman Institute of Bioethics
Co-authored by Matthew Crane, Ruth Faden, and Megan Collins.

Should People Be Paid to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?
With comments from Nancy Kass.

January 11
The US Must Prioritize Vaccine Distribution To Undocumented Immigrants And Immigrants In Detention Centers
Health Affairs Blog
Zackary Berger is a co-author.

January 10

At Elite Medical Centers, Even Workers Who Don’t Qualify Are Vaccinated
The New York Times
With comments from Ruth Faden.

January 6
Fighting food insecurity during a global pandemic
Jessica Fanzo was featured

January 4
A blue ribbon commission is needed to chart a path to reopening for schools
The Baltimore Sun
Written by Annette Anderson, Megan Collins, and Ruth Faden of the eSchool+ Initiative, with contributions from Sarah Johnson, Beth Marshall, and Alan Regenberg.

Johns Hopkins experts call for blue ribbon commission on reopening K-12 schools
Coverage of an op-ed by Annette Anderson, Megan Collins, and Ruth Faden of the eSchool+ Initiative.

January 1

Pregnant women agonize over whether to get coronavirus vaccine
The Washington Post
With comments from Ruth Faden.

December 3

Bitácora [in Spanish]
Javierana Stereo
Joseph Ali is interviewed.


COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: Ethics and Human Rights Considerations
Physicians for Human Rights
January 29, 1:00 PM EST
Ruth Faden served on the panel.

COVID-19 Vaccines: An Ethical Approach Towards Who, What, Why, When, and Where
January 26
Yoram Unguru spoke to The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore.

Bright Now Speaker Series: Ask a Bioethicist!
January 14, 12:00 pm EST
A Q&A with Jeffrey Kahn.

Recipient Perspectives on HIV positive-to-positive Transplantation
January 14
Jeremy Sugarman was a presenter at the American Society of Transplant Surgeons Virtual Meeting.

[Video] Grey Matters: What the History of Vaccines Can Tell Us About the Future

The Science & Entertainment Exchange
January 13, 4:00 pm EST

Ruth Faden served on the panel.

How Do We Ethically Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines?
New York Stem Cell Foundation
January 7, 5:00 pm EST
Jeffrey Kahn served on the panel.

Human Genome Editing and the Ethics of Designing Our Shared Future
January 6
Jeffrey Kahn presented at the ESSEC Business School iMagination Week, hosted by the Masters in Management program.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Ethics and Equity
January 6
Yoram Unguru gave a talk at the Lifebridge Health Legislative Discussion

An Ethical Approach Towards Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccines in Health Care Settings
Yoram Unguru spoke at the Sinai Hospital Town Hall.

Let’s Talk Digital Ethics
Jeffrey Kahn was an invited panelist at the Network of Digital Evidence in Health’s 4th Annual Digital Medicine Conference.

Reworking Justice in Research: The Time is Now
Jeremy Sugarman served as the moderator of this panel at the 2020 Advancing Ethical Research Virtual Conference, PRIM&R’s virtual conference.

National Equity and WHO SAGE Guidance
Ruth Faden presented at the Vaccine Allocation and Social Justice Conference.

Vaccine Ethics: What Are We Learning from COVID-19?
Hosted by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, this event was moderated by Jeffrey Kahn and Ruth Faden was a panelist.