Berman Institute Monthly Newsletter – March 2021

March 2021


The Researching the Impact of Attacks on Healthcare (RIAH) Consortium has published a report, “Conceptual issues and methodological approaches to evaluating the wider and longer-term impact of attacks on healthcare in conflict.” Leonard Rubenstein is an author.

Safeguarding Health in Conflict, along with its partners, has released an interactive map of incidents of violence and threats against health care worldwide. Leonard Rubenstein is the president and founder of Safeguarding Health in Conflict. The map has received media coverage in outlets such as France24, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Telegraph, and Devex.

Yoram Unguru was given The Maryland General Assembly Official Citation in recognition of leadership in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 pandemic in Maryland.


Dignity for Incarcerated Women
Centering Voices of Formerly and Currently Incarcerated Leaders in the Movement
March 4, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Keynote Speaker: Topeka Sam, Founder and Executive Director, Ladies of Hope Ministries. Panelists:
Zaria Davis, Leadership Facilitator, From Prison Cells to PhD; Charlotte Garnes, Mentor Coordinator, From Prison Cells to PhD. Moderator: Carolyn Sufrin, Associate Director, Fellowship in Family Planning Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Reviving Refugee Resettlement: Moral, Policy and Implementation Issues
March 5, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
As the refugee admissions process is about to go through additional major changes, this panel will discuss the results of a study that examined varied moral theories on refugee admissions as well as insights from individuals with long involvement in refugee policy and admissions from refugee organizations, think tanks, and government. Len Rubenstein moderated the panel.

Psychedelic Science: Therapeutic Implications and Ethical Challenges by Roland Griffiths, PhD
Bioethics Seminar
March 8, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
This presentation will review research conducted at Johns Hopkins over the past two decades with psilocybin, a classic psychedelic substance which is the principal active component of the so-called “Magic Mushroom.” A robust and provocative finding is that administration of psilocybin to carefully screened and well prepared and supported participants can result in “peak” experiences to which participants attribute enduring positive changes in moods, attitudes, and behavior for months and possibly years after a single session.


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CASE STUDY: A Small-Town Heart,” The Hastings Center Report
Authors: Tim Lahey, Jennifer L. Herbst, Marielle S. GrossBrandi B. Scully

Challenges to Establish Effective Public-Private Partnerships to Address Malnutrition in All Its Forms,” International Journal of Health Policy and Management
Authors: Jessica Fanzo, Yusra Ribhi Shawar, Tara Shyam, et al

Retrospective analysis on the effect of spinal cord stimulation on opioid consumption,” Pain Management
Authors: Awinita Barpujari, Michael Erdek

The Pandemic and the Supply Chain: Gaps in Pharmaceutical Production and Distribution,” American Journal of Public Health
Authors: Mariana P. Socal, Joshua M. Sharfstein, Jeremy A. Greene

Equity in Vaccination: A Plan to Work with Communities of Color Toward COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond,” Working Group on Equity in COVID-19
Authors: M Schoch-Spana, E Brunson, D Hosangadi, R Long, S Ravi, M Taylor, M Trotochaud, TG Veenema on behalf of the Working Group on Equity in COVID-19, including Nancy Kass

Immunity certification for COVID-19: ethical considerations,” Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Authors: Teck Chuan Voo, Andreas A Reis, Beatriz Thomé, et al, including Nancy Kass

Admission Practices And Cost Of Care For Opioid Use Disorder At Residential Addiction Treatment Programs In The US,” Health Affairs
Authors: Tamara Beetham, Brendan Saloner, Marema Gaye, Sarah E. Wakeman, et al

National Institute of Mental Health recruitment monitoring policy and clinical trial impact,” Contemporary Clinic Trials
Authors: Eugene I.Kane, Gail L. Daumit, Kevin M. Fain, Brendan Saloner, et al

Institutions For Mental Diseases Medicaid Waivers: Impact On Payments For Substance Use Treatment Facilities,” Health Affairs
Authors: Johanna Catherine Maclean, Hefei Wen, Kosali I. Simon, Brendan Saloner

Tolerance for Uncertainty and Professional Development: a Normative Analysis,” Journal of General Internal Medicine
Authors: Samuel Reis-Dennis, Martha S. Gerrity, Gail Geller

An ethics framework for consolidating and prioritizing COVID-19 clinical trials,” Clinical Trials
Authors: Michelle N Meyers, Luke Gelinas, Barbara E Bierer, et al, including Jeremy Sugarman

The Patient Reported Outcomes as a Clinical Tool (PROACT) Pilot Study: What Can be Gained by Sharing Computerized Patient-Reported Mental Health and Substance Use Symptoms with Providers in HIV Care?,” AIDS and Behavior
Authors: Sarah M. Jabour, Geetanjali Chander, Kristin A. Riekert, Jeanne C. Keruly, et al, including Mary Catherine Beach

The Birth of Injustice: COVID-19 Hospital Infection Control Policy on Latinx Birth Experience,” American Journal of Bioethics
Authors: Marielle S. Gross, Alexandra Norton

How animal agriculture stakeholders define, perceive, and are impacted by antimicrobial resistance: challenging the Wellcome Trust’s Reframing Resistance principles,” Agriculture and Human Values
Authors: Sarah M. Gabriel K. Innes, Agnes Markos, Kathryn R. Dalton, et al, including Jessica Fanzo and Anne Barnhill

No Jab, No Job? Ethical Issues in Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel,” BMJ Global Health
Authors: Rachel Gur-Arie, Euzebiusz Jamrozik, Patricia Kangaroo

Virtue Ethics in a Value-Driven World: Responsibility Without Blame,” Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research
Authors: Casey Jo Humbryd


Analysis of vision screening failures in a school-based vision program (2016-19),” Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Authors: Rachel R.Milante, Xinxing Guo, Amanda J. Neitzel, et al, including Megan Collins


Are Growing Rates of Total Joint Arthroplasty in Younger Patients of Concern?,” Pain Medicine
Authors: Michael A. Erdek, Antonia F. Chen, Casey Jo Humbryd

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February 26

Don’t be a dupe or a selfish dolt. Get the damn vaccine

Arizona Republic – Opinion

With comments from Nancy Kass.


February 25

What Sneakerheads Are Paying Attention To (Podcast)
Ruth Faden discusses equity and efficiency in Covid-19 vaccination roll out.


Vaccine Hesitancy Is No Excuse for Systemic Racism

The Hastings Center Bioethics Forum
Written by Carissa Lawrence, Divya Manoharan, Zackary Berger, and Karla FC Holloway.




February 24

Listen: Catherine Mezzacappa and Ruth Faden on vaccinations and pregnancy
STAT: First Opinion Podcast
Ruth Faden is a guest.


COVID-19 exposure warnings for iPhone, Android phones: Apps still await widespread adoption
USA Today
With comments from Jeffrey Kahn.


Health network allowed employees’ kin to skip vaccine line
AP News
With comments from Nancy Kass.



February 23

COVID-19 highlights importance of doctor-patient communication – experts
The Jerusalem Post
With Zackary Berger.



February 22

Kids already know ‘stop, drop and roll’ for fire emergencies; it’s time to teach ‘stop, wash and mask on’ for COVID-19
The Baltimore Sun
Commentary co-authored by Megan Collins.


The Line For The Shot: The Ethics Of COVID-19 Vaccination
With comments from Nancy Kass.



How the Biden Administration Can Better Protect Health Care in War

Just Security

Written by Leonard Rubenstein



February 19

A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer
The Atlantic 
With comments from Ruth Faden.


Passing the Responsibility of Vaccination Risk to Pregnant Women | Opinion
With comments from Ruth Faden.


Jefferson Health doctors are balking at an initiative to tie bonuses to patient referrals for fund-raising

The Philadelphia Inquirer

With comments from Joseph Carrese.


Doctors’ Advice for Pregnant Women Wanting to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine


Carleigh Krubiner was a guest.



February 18

Pain and Isolation Are Driving America’s Lockdown Overdose Surge
With comments from Travis Rieder.



February 17

Conspiracy theories and COVID-19 vaccine introduction in Nigeria
Nigeria Health Watch
Co-authored by Carleigh KrubinerRuth Faden, and others.


The Opioid Addiction Disaster

COVIDCalls Podcast

Travis Rieder was a guest.



February 15

Investigating Why Doses Are Going to Waste & “Vaccine Chasers”
NBC News
Ruth Faden discusses the ethics of vaccine distribution and skipping the line.


Bioethicists Respond: How Can Medical And Nursing Schools Prepare Students to Respond to The Social And Racial Inequities Created And Worsened by The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Rachel Fabi, Vivian V. Altiery De Jesús, and Liz Stokes write.



February 14

Some hospitals are giving wealthy donors early COVID-19 vaccinations — and that could damage trust in health care at a critical time
With comments from Joseph Carrese.



February 11

The science of school reopenings
With comments from Megan E. Collins.



February 8

COVID-19 vaccines as ‘biological warfare’ in Middle East?
Deutsche Welle
With comments from Leonard Rubenstein.


The best vaccination strategy is simple: Focus on Americans 65 and older
The Washington Post – Opinion
Op-Ed By Ruth Faden, Matthew Crane, & Saad Omer.



February 6

Is It Ever OK To Jump Ahead In The Vaccine Line?
With comments from Ruth Faden.


With Covid-19 Vaccine Waiting Lists in the Millions, Some Skip the Line
The Wall Street Journal
With comments from Ruth Faden.


February 5

Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant? Here’s what experts say.
National Geographic
With comments from Ruth Faden.



February 2

Educator Urging the Governor to Prioritize Them for the COVID-19 Vaccine

WLFI-18 Indiana

Citing research by the eSchool+ Initiative.


February 1

Covid-19 Vaccines Leave Pregnant Women in a Quandary
Wall Street Journal
With comments from Ruth Faden.


Listening to Long COVID: Epistemic Justice and Disability Theory in the Treatment of Prolonged Symptoms

30th Annual APPE International Conference

February 27

Vivian V. Altiery De Jesús, Nisreen Alwan, Felicity Callard, and Zackary Berger presented at the meeting of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.


International Commission on the Clinical Use of Human Germline Genome Editing

Rare Disease Week

February 26

Jeffrey Kahn was an invited participant at a Rare Disease Week discussion of Heritable Human Genome Editing.


Ethical Requirements Related to Donors’ and Patients’ Consent

Brain Organoids in Therapy: Emerging Ethical and Legal Issues International Symposium

February 25-26

Jeremy Sugarman presented at this event hosted by the Universität Passau and the Bavarian Research Association Interaction of Human Brain Cells.


Virtual Launch of the Research Framework: Menu of Indicators to Measure the Reverberating Effects on Civilians from the use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas

UN Institute for Disarmament Research

February 23

Leonard Rubenstein presented.


Challenging Ethics Cases: A Ground Rounds Discussion

Sinai Hospital Medicine Grand Rounds

February 18

Yoram Unguru spoke.


Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccines: Ethical Considerations

The COVID Vaccines: What You Need to Know

February 17

Yoram Unguru gave this presentation to the Maryland LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.


Opioid Ethics: Responsible Pain Medicine During an Overdose Crisis

February 17

Travis Rieder spoke to the Pennsylvania Opioid Surgical Stewardship Enterprise.


Genomics and Infectious Disease: Scientific and ELSI Issues of COVID

Friday ELSI Forum

February 12

Gail Geller served on a panel at this event hosted by the Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis.


Trust at Stake—Advocating for an At-Risk Community: A Case Study

Academy for Professionalism in Health Care Annual Meeting

February 12

Joseph Carrese presented.


Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccinations: Ethical Considerations

Virtual Town Hall – COVID-19 Status and Vaccination

February 6

Yoram Unguru spoke at this event hosted by Delegate Dr. Jay Jalisi (MD-10).


COMPAS Panel: Who’s Essential? The Ethics of COVID Vaccination
Ohio State University Center for Ethics and Human Values
February 5
Anne Barnhill was a featured speaker.


Ethics Grand Rounds – Selecting Research Subjects: Who Should Go First?
NIH Clinical Center Grand Rounds
February 3
Nancy E. Kass was a featured speaker.


RT02 Speed Debating and STIs: People, programmes, and pleasure

HIV R4P Conference

February 3

Jeremy Sugarman moderated this panel at the annual meeting of the International AIDS Society.


Next Generation Trial Design in Real Time: What’s at Stake

HIV R4P Conference – Satellite Session

February 3

Jeremy Sugarman presented at this session, hosted by the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition.