Faculty in the News

National Geographic | September 16, 2020
To find a vaccine for COVID-19, will we have to deliberately infect people?
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Stat | September 11, 2020
The ethics of pausing a vaccine trial in the midst of a pandemic
Ruth Faden was the subject of a Q&A

Slate | September 10, 2020
App-Based Contact Tracing Has Been a Bust. Apple Wants to Try Something New.
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

NPR Marketplace | September 10, 2020
Some of the most vulnerable to COVID say they won’t get a vaccine
Nancy Kass was the featured guest

ABC News | September 9, 2020
Why AstraZeneca pausing its COVID-19 vaccine trial may be good news
Ruth Faden was quoted

NPR Marketplace | September 9, 2020
Who gets first dibs on a COVID-19 Vaccine?
Nancy Kass was the featured guest

JHU Magazine | September 9, 2020
An Epidemic’s Electronic Eyes
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Baltimore SunSeptember 2, 2020
Maryland will soon use cellphones to help with contact tracing for coronavirus
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

New York TimesSeptember 1, 2020
These Scientists Are Giving Themselves D.I.Y. Coronavirus Vaccines
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Washington Post | September 1, 2020
Apple and Google expand coronavirus warning software
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Washington Post | August 18, 2020
Cellphone apps designed to track COVID-19 spread struggle worldwide amid privacy concerns
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

The New York Times | August 17, 2020
How to Protect Children’s Eyes During Remote Learning
Megan Collins was quoted and the eSchools+ Initiative was cited

Vice | August 5, 2020
A DIY Vaccine Can’t Solve the COVID-19 Crisis
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Forbes | August 4, 2020
Using Greek Tragedy to Help Frontline Medical Workers Cope During COVID-19
The Berman Institute’s partnership with Theater of War was profiled

CBC News | August 2, 2020
Some countries may get faster access to a COVID-19 vaccine than others
Ruth Faden was quoted

CBC News | August 1, 2020
When a COVID-19 vaccine arrives, which Canadians will get it first?
Ruth Faden was quoted

Vox | July 27, 2020
The global risk of “vaccine nationalism”
Ruth Faden was quoted

Vice | July 27, 2020
It’s OK If Countries Hack Each Other’s Vaccines
Ruth Faden was quoted

Inside Higher Education | July 23, 2020
A Key Step Toward Safety This Fall
Nancy Kass co-authored a commentary

WYPR | July 23, 2020
Midday with Tom Hall: “The Ethics of Digital Contact Tracing and Vaccine Testing”
Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest

Washington Post | July 15, 2020
Some researchers and politicians call for pregnant women to be included in coronavirus vaccine testing
Ruth Faden was quoted

Good Morning America | July 10, 2020
More answers to your COVID-19 questions
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

WBAL-TV | July 9, 2020
Maryland School Districts Share Back-to-School Options
Megan Collins was quoted

WUNC-FM | July 8, 2020
Mask Up, and Make It Fashion: A Guide to Efficacy and Aesthetics
Nancy Kass was quoted

San Francisco Chronicle | July 2, 2020
Coronavirus-tracking apps proliferate, but will the help slow disease’s spread?
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

The New York Times | July 1, 2020
Researchers Debate Infecting People on Purpose to Test Coronavirus Vaccines
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

AMA Newsletter | June 25, 2020
Virtual resilience rounds help physicians navigate moral distress
Cynda Hylton Rushton and the Moral Resilience Rounds program were featured

Christian Science Monitor | June 24, 2020
“Immunity passports” could help against pandemic – or harm society
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Daily Nous | June 24, 2020
The Ethics of Social Distancing (and Why It Doesn’t Rule Out Protesting)
Travis Rieder authored an essay

Vox | June 23, 2020
For contact tracing to work, public health authorities must regain the trust of Black communities
Hecht-Levi Fellow Katelyn Esmonde authored a commentary

The Baltimore Sun | June 17, 2020
Taking an untested drug to treat coronavirus may be deadlier than the disease
Jeremy Sugarman co-authored an oped

WFYI FM | June 11, 2020
Indiana Requires “High Risk” Prison Employees to Keep Working Amid COVID-19 Crisis
Len Rubenstein was quoted

Politico | June 10, 2020
Google and Apple’s rules for virus tracking apps sow division among states
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

The Telegraph (UK) | June 10, 2020
Coronavirus exacerbates violence against health workers, researchers warn
Len Rubenstein was quoted

The Baltimore Sun | June 1, 2020
The Ethics of Reopening Our Schools
Ruth Faden and Megan Collins co-authored the oped

BBC, Washington Post and others | May 29, 2020
The “Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response” report was featured in numerous publications
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

NPR Morning Edition | May 27, 2020
In the Battle Against COVID-19, A Risk of “Vaccine Nationalism”
Nancy Kass was quoted

JHU Hub | May 26, 2020
Digital Contact Tracing Poses Ethical Challenges
Q&A with Jeffrey Kahn

JHU Hub | May 26, 2020
The Complex Ethics of Reopening America
Q&A with Justin Bernstein

Prescription for Change | May 18, 2020
“Moral Resilience Rounds:” Johns Hopkins’ Secret to Help Staff Navigate Moral Distress
Cynda Rushton was featured

NBC News | May 16, 2020
Wave of ‘vaccine nationalism’ hinders global efforts to halt coronavirus
Nancy Kass was quoted

MPR News | May 13, 2020
How do we decide? Ethics of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest

The New York Times | May 10, 2020
How Pandemics End
Jeremy Greene was quoted

WYPR, “On the Record” | May 8, 2020
Caring for Those with COVID-19: A Doctor’s Experience
Zack Berger was the featured guest

USA Today | May 4, 2020
Teacher Appreciation Week: They Wanted Respect. It Only Took a Coronavirus Pandemic and Worldwide Economic Collapse
Ruth Faden was quoted

Colorado Public Radio | May 4, 2020
For Now, Antibody Tests for Coronavirus Provide Guidance, Not Guarantees
Travis Rieder was quoted

USA Today | May 1, 2020
Masks, Temperature Checks, Empty Rows: Post-Coronavirus Concerts Could Look Very Different
Travis Rieder was quoted

Bloomberg News | April 27, 2020
Covid-19 Threatens to Starve Africa
Commentary by Jessica Fanzo

Los Angeles Times | April 25, 2020
Could a ‘Controlled Avalanche’ Stop the Coronavirus Faster, and with Fewer Deaths?
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

MSNBC | April 25, 2020
Reopening the Economy vs. Keeping It Shut Longer, What’s More Costly?
Nancy Kass was the featured guest

Freethink | April 25, 2020
Would You Volunteer to be Infected with COVID-19
Ruth Faden was quoted

Daily Mail | April 25, 2020
House Lawmakers Join Growing Calls to Approve Controversial ‘Challenge Trials’ of Coronavirus Vaccines
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

The Hill | April 24, 2020
Controversial Idea to Speed Coronavirus Vaccine Gains Ground
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

OneZero | April 23, 2020
‘Immunity Passports’ Could Create A New Category of Privilege
Nancy Kass was quoted

Washington Post | April 22, 2020
Treat Health-Care Workers Like the Heroes They Are
Commentary written by Ruth Faden

WYPR-FM | April 22, 2020
The COVID-19 Threat in MD Prisons: Three Perspectives
Len Rubenstein was a featured guest

Washington PostApril 19, 2020
Hogan Signs Order to Release Inmates to Reduce Spread of Virus
Len Rubenstein is cited

MSNBC | April 18, 2020
Ethics of Coronavirus Testing
Nancy Kass was interviewed

Washington Post | April 17, 2020
Civil Rights Advocates Press Md. Gov. Larry Hogan to Release Elderly, At-Risk Prisoners to Slow Spread of Coronavirus
Len Rubenstein was quoted

The Atlantic | April 16, 2020
The People Who Risked Death for Immunity
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

USA Today | April 16, 2020
Dr. Fauci Says Immunity ‘Certificates’ Possible After Coronavirus Pandemic. Here’s What That Means
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

Los Angeles Times | April 15, 2020
So Much Is Unknown about the Pandemic because the Government  Keeps A Lid On It
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

WYPR-FM | April 14, 2020
Drug Shortages During COVID-19 Patient Surge
Yoram Unguru was the featured guest

Associated Press | April 10, 2020
Nurses Weigh Their Principles vs Safety in Virus Fight
Cinda Hylton Rushton was quoted

WYPR-FM | April 8, 2020
If Maryland’s Hospitals Become Overwhelmed, How Should Care Be Rationed?
Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest

Time | April 5, 2020
The Ethics of Wearing (or Not Wearing) a Face Mask During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Nancy Kass is quoted

Cheddar | April 5, 2020
Coronavirus Doctors Face the Most Awful Choice: Who Will Live?
Alan Regenberg is quoted

JHU News-Letter | April 5, 2020
When There Are Too Many Patients, What’s Ethical?
Ruth Faden and Alan Regenberg are quoted

WYPR-FM | April 3, 2020
MD Corrections Agency Confirms New COVID-19 Cases, As Advocates Warn of an Outbreak
Len Rubenstein is quoted

Sinclair Broadcasting | April 3, 2020
No Perfect Way to Ration Care if Outbreak Spreads, Ethics Experts Warn
Alan Regenberg is quoted

Business Insider | April 2, 2020
“There’s Nothing About It that Will Feel Right:” Hospitals Are Gearing Up to Choose Which Patients to Save
Jeffrey Kahn was quoted

MPR News with Kerri Miller | March 30, 2020
The Ethics of How We Respond to the Spread of the New Coronavirus
Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest

The Baltimore Sun | March 30, 2020
Maryland Prison System Confirms First Coronavirus Cases
Len Rubenstein was quoted

The Baltimore Sun | March 28, 2020
200 Hopkins Medical Faculty Pen Letter Asking Gov. Hogan to Protect Inmates from Coronavirus
Len Rubenstein led the effort and was quoted

Vox | March 27, 2020
The Debate Over Ending Social Distancing to Save the Economy, Explained
Ruth Faden was quoted

WYPR’s “On the Record” | March 27, 2020
Medical Ethics During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Ruth Faden was the featured guest

Baltimore Sun | March 27, 2020
Who Gets Lifesaving Care – and Who Doesn’t – When There’s a Crush of Coronavirus Patients?
Ruth Faden is quoted

New York Daily News | March 26, 2020
We Need an Ethics Transfusion: The Coronavirus Blood Challenge
Oped by Jeffrey Kahn

CNN | March 26, 2020
Hospitals Consider Changes to Do-Not-Resuscitate Situations Amid Pandemic
Nancy Kass is quoted

Reuters | March 26, 2020
A Daughter Learns in Voicemails that Coronavirus Has Killed Her Mother
Ruth Faden is quoted

USA Today | March 17, 2020
To Protect Inmates and the Nation from Covid-19, Release Offenders Who Pose No Threat
Oped by Brendan Saloner and Sachini Bandara

STAT News | March 17, 2020
Explaining a mass quarantine: What does it mean to ‘shelter in place’? And who has the power to call for it?
Nancy Kass is quoted

France24 | March 17, 2020
Coronavirus could create bed shortage in US hospitals
Nancy Kass is quoted

New Republic | March 16, 2020
The Risky Race for a Quick Coronavirus Vaccine

Jeffrey Kahn is quoted

Public Health On Call Podcast | March 16, 2020
Ethical Dilemmas Posed by COVID-19
Featuring Jeffrey Kahn and Nancy Kass

Axios | March 14, 2020
Coronavirus behind bars
March 14, 2020
Len Rubenstein is quoted

MV Times | March 13, 2020
Is Martha’s Vineyard a ‘safe haven’?
Ruth Faden is quoted

Axios | March 13, 2020
What the U.S. needs to learn from Italy’s coronavirus crisis
Alan Regenberg is quoted

Washington Post | March 12, 2020
U.S. hospitals may have to ration care during the pandemic. Here’s one approach
Commentary written by Ruth Faden and Alan Regenberg, with Lee Daugherty Biddison and Eric Tone

WHYY-FM | March 11, 2020
Privacy vs. public health: How Pa. and N.J. weigh disclosing coronavirus patient details
Jeffrey Kahn is quoted

Slate | March 10, 2020
Should Schools Close for COVID-19?

Ruth Faden is quoted

USA Today | March 6, 2020
Keeping coronavirus patients anonymous is crucial to battling the outbreak
Jeffrey Kahn is quoted

Education Week | March 5, 2020
What’s at Stake When Schools Close for the Coronavirus? A Bioethicist Weighs In
Commentary written by Ruth Faden

The Baltimore Sun | February 27, 2020
Coronavirus could result in school closings in the U.S. We must make sure these closings meet the needs of low-income children
Commentary written by Ruth Faden

STAT News | February 25, 2020
In the race for coronavirus vaccines, don’t leave pregnant women behind
Commentary written by Carleigh Krubiner, Ruth Faden, and Ruth Karron

WYPR-FM | February 25, 2020
Midday On Ethics With Dr. Jeffrey Kahn: Questions To Consider With Coronavirus