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Berman Institute Founder Ruth Faden Discusses Moral Tradeoffs of Pandemic Response on Vox’s “Ezra Klein Show”

Jess Fanzo on Covid-19 and Food Systems
“We desperately need to focus on the operation of food systems at the moment because we know that the quality and quantity of the food we eat is the number one risk factor in the prevention of general mortality and morbidity. If we forget the food system right now, the COVID-19 health crisis will unwittingly use the food system as a catapult to have an even bigger impact on the global burden of disease.”

Read the full blog at Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

Failure to Respect Needs of Vulnerable Groups Will Undermine Response
Read Prof. Berger's BMJ paper: "Covid-19: Control Measures Must Be Equitable and Inclusive"
Jeffrey Kahn and Nancy Kass discuss ethical dilemmas posed by COVID-19 with the Bloomberg School of Public Health's Joshua Sharfstein
What are the human rights considerations in the response to COVID-19? How can societies move to control the spread of the virus in ways that do not create panic or unnecessarily restrict communities? What are critical considerations as governments try to strike the right balance between restrictions and depriving people of the ability to live their lives? The Berman Institute's Len Rubenstein shares his insights.