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Ruth Faden discusses ethical considerations in jumping the vaccine line on NBC's Today show
Jeffrey Kahn was a panelist in the New York Stem Cell Foundation webinar, ``How Do We Ethically Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines?``
Carleigh Krubiner appeared on NBC Now to discuss Pfizer's COVID vaccine trial among pregnant women
As public health professionals, we know the importance of public trust and solidarity in an emergency response, such as to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rachel Gur Arie tells us what these concepts actually mean within the public health context.
Hecht-Levi Fellow Rachel Gur Arie talks about different reasons why people might be hesitant to get a vaccine, and the importance of public trust in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine
As many clinical encounters move to the virtual realm, clinicians and patients encounter unexpected (or long overdue) benefits and burdens of the new modality of telemedicine. Drs. Marielle Gross and Jean Anderson discuss the benefits and risks as they relate to obstetric and gynecologic care.
Berman Institute Hecht-Levi Postdoctoral Fellow Brian Hutler, J.D., discusses COVID-19 and the law in the latest installment of our Bioethics Conversations series
Ruth Faden participates in an Ethics Talk with the American Medical Association about the equitable allocation of a COVID vaccine
Jeffrey Kahn discusses human challenge vaccine trails on MSNBC's ``The 11th Hour`` with Brian Williams on Aug. 14
Bioethics Conversations: Genomics in the Era of COVID-19: Ethical Considerations featuring Berman Institute faculty Gail Geller and Debra Mathews
Jeffrey Kahn discusses digital contact tracing on the May 27, 2020, broadcast of BBC World News
Pandemics and Surgery: Orthopedic surgeon Casey Jo Humbyrd discusses ethical and other implications of conducting surgeries during the COVID-19 outbreak
On MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, Ruth Faden discussed the creation of a Healthcare Heroes Compensation Fund for essential workers killed by COVID-19
Jessica Fanzo was a panelist for Climate, Food Insecurity, and COVID-19 as the SNF Agora's Conversations series continues to examine the Politics and Policy of COVID-19
Jeffrey Kahn discusses questions with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs about COVID-19 immunity certificates, including ethical and legal issues and how effective immunity tests will be
Jeffrey Kahn was a panelist in the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs' webinar Health Data, Privacy, and Surveillance: How Will the Lockdowns End?
Faculty Travis Rieder and Anne Barnhill and Hecht-Levi Fellows Justin Bernstein and Brian Hutler discuss an ethical framework for evaluating social distancing policies and reopening plans
Nancy Kass appeared on MSNBC on April 25, 2020, to discuss Reopening the Economy vs. Keeping It Shut Longer, What's More Costly?
SNF Agora's Politics and Policy of COVID-19 series continued April 17 with Berman Institute faculty Jeffrey Kahn and Ruth Faden discussing The Ethics of Scarce Resource Planning
Jeffrey Kahn was a panelist in an APHA-NAM webinar discussing ethical considerations to be aware fo while enacting crisis standards of care during COVID-19
Jeffrey Kahn, Cynda Rushton and Yoram Unguru discuss creating a framework for ethically allocating scarce medical resources in this webinar hosted by the National Academy of Sciences' Science & Entertainment Exchange
Jeffrey Kahn discusses the race for a COVID-19 vaccine at The Science & Entertainment Exchange, a program of the National Academy of Sciences that connects entertainment industry professionals with top scientists and researchers
Jeffrey Kahn discusses ethics in the research response to COVID-19 in a webinar presented by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Bioethics Conversations: ``Healthcare Workers, Social Justice, & Vulnerability During COVID-19`` with Hecht-Levi Fellow Marielle Gross, MD, and Berman Institute faculty member Zackary Berger, MD, PhD


Regardless of whether schools kick off online, in person, or with a hybrid approach this fall, Ruth Faden says there will be learning disruptions to consider
Jeffrey P. Kahn discusses the pros and cons of using smartphones for COVID-19 contact tracing
Jeremy Greene compares COVID-19 to past epidemics, shares the history of quarantines, and discusses what we will learn from today's experiences
Jeffrey Kahn and Nancy Kass discuss ethical dilemmas posed by COVID-19 with the Bloomberg School of Public Health's Joshua Sharfstein
What are the human rights considerations in the response to COVID-19? How can governments try to strike the right balance between restrictions and depriving people of the ability to live their lives? Len Rubenstein shares his insights


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The ethics of trial drug use in the era of covid-19

Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest

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The ethics of digital contact tracing and vaccine testing

Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest


Ruth Faden was the featured guest

how do we decide? ETHICS OF tHE covid-19 pandemic

Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest


Len Rubenstein was a featured participant


Jeffrey Kahn was the featured guest