Anne Barnhill, PhD

Associate Faculty; Research Scholar

Anne Barnhill is a Research Scholar with the Global Food Ethics and Policy Program at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Barnhill is a philosopher and bioethicist who works on the ethics of food and agriculture policy and the ethics of public health.

At the Global Food Ethics and Policy Program at the Berman Institute, Dr. Barnhill is involved in interdisciplinary research projects on food ethics, including the Choose Food project and the Beef, Food Choices and Values project. Dr. Barnhill is currently working on a book about the ethics of obesity prevention in diverse societies. Dr. Barnhill is also writing about the ethics of non-rational influence and manipulation in public life, including the ethics of nudges, public health messaging, and commercial marketing.

Dr. Barnhill is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters on various topics in bioethics and applied ethics. She is the co-author, with Mark Budolfson and Tyler Doggett, of Food, Ethics and Society: An Introductory Text for Oxford University Press (2016) and co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics (2018). She received her A.B. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University and her Ph.D. in Philosophy from New York University.

Research Interests

  • Public health ethics
  • Food and agricultural ethics


  • A.B., Princeton University – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • M.A., Tufts University – Philosophy
  • Ph.D., New York University – Philosophy

Recent Publications

1.     Anne Barnhill, “Do sugary drinks undermine the core purpose of SNAP?” Public Health Ethics 12(1):82-88 (2019)

 2.     Selvi Rajagopal, Anne Barnhill, and Joshua M. Sharfstein, “The Evidence—and Acceptability—of Taxes on Unhealthy Foods,” Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 7(1) (2018)

 3.     Anne Barnhill, Anne Palmer, Christine M. Weston, Kelly D. Brownell, Kate Clancy, Christina D. Economos, Joel Gittelsohn, Ross A. Hammond, Shiriki Kumanyika, and Wendy L. Bennett, “Grappling With Complex Food Systems to Reduce Obesity: A Challenge Facing Public Health,” Public Health Reports 133(1): 44S-53S (2018)

4.     Matteo Bonotti and Anne Barnhill, “Is Public Reason Consistent with Healthy Eating Policy?” Journal of Applied Philosophy (2018)