Choose Food: Ethically Benchmarking Food Systems

Choose Food is designed to empower eaters by enabling informed ethical decision making around food choices. It is based on a unique framework for assessing the ethics of food products and choosing between alternatives.

Choose Food features three complementary components:

  • A Framework for ethical assessment of the food system
  • Educational resources
  • Cutting-edge digital tools

Together, the three components of the Choose Food Project support radical transparency in the global food system and are a tool for transformative change.


Our work products include white papers, workshop discussions, a symposium, and a planned book. Learn more here.

Meetings and Events

Global leaders gathered in November 2018 for the Choose Food Symposium, an ethically based, radically transparent program to support values-aligned choices about food

Team Members

Choose Food has drawn upon the expertise of purchasers, retailers, farmers, water conservation experts, food safety specialists, nutritionists, and academics focused on animal welfare, labor and human rights, crops and agriculture, the environment, and the evolution of standards.

In the News, Media Highlights and Publications

Sharing our work, as well as other information about ethical food practices, is an important part of what we do. Click here to see where we’ve appeared and to read more.

Johns Hopkins Project Team

Alan Goldberg, PhD
School of Public Health; Professor
Ruth R. Faden, PhD, MPH
Berman Institute Founder; Philip Franklin Wagley Professor of Biomedical Ethics
Anne Barnhill, PhD
Associate Research Professor
Nicole Civita, J.D.
Sustainable Food Systems Faculty Lead
Claire Davis
Science Writer
Kelly Whalen
Senior Administrative Coordinator