White Papers

The white papers explore different ethical issues in the food system. Areas of interest include plants and crops, animal welfare, food safety, water (impact on and utilization of), environmental impact, public health and nutrition, and occupational and community issues. The white papers provide the basis for deciding which ethical considerations should be included in the overall rating.

These papers have been drafted by the Core Academic Team and developed through a workshop held in March 2017. Read them below.

White Papers

Workshop Discussions

In November 2017, the JHU team, Academic Core, and Industry Partners met for the Choose Food Workshop in Baltimore, MD. At this meeting, the core ethical commitments were further refined.

In March 2017, the group met in Shepherdstown, WV to discuss the ethical issues in food production and define the core ethical commitments at the center of the project. The Workshop Summary was written by Dayna Myers, Science Writer for the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.


The Choose Food Symposium took place in November 2018 in Baltimore, MD. Visit the Symposium page to learn more about the findings we presented.


We published a book in fall 2020 that drew from the white papers and Symposium.