Featured Project and Featured News

A large display area allows authors to feature content such as an project or news story.

How to Use
  • A tag is selected to provide context around the topic of the feature – event, news, project, etc.
  • A short, concise heading and thoughtful text description should be used that provide a clear explanation of the feature.
  • A button is required to link users to further details about the feature.
  • The image used should be high quality and visually engaging to support the featured content.
  • Features can be stored for future use.
How to Build

Make sure you are using the “backend editor” to build out the component.

  1. Click the Add New Element plus icon to add a component to the page.
  2. An Add Element window will appear, choose either the Featured Project or Featured News option.
  3. The settings dialog box will appear. Fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Click the Edit this row pencil icon on the row containing the new component.
  6. The Row Settings window will appear, find the Row stretch select box and choose  Stretch row and content (no paddings).
  7. Click Save changes.
  8. Hover over the Column settings, find the four column option and click.
  9. Repeat the above process to include multiple Featured Projects or Featured News items in the same row.

(Refer content guidelines tab to understand how to write for this component)

Content Guidelines
  • Featured projects and news is designed to draw attention to major initiatives and subjects.
  • This section should always include a call to action.
  • When writing for the featured content section, use a warm and inviting tone that draws interest to the content.
Considering ethical implications of personalized approaches to treating infectious diseases made possible by genomic technological advances
Vaccinating Pregnant Women Against Ebola
Prof. Ruth Faden co-authors article urging vaccination of pregnant and lactating women exposed to virus in midst of outbreak.
Explore Practical Ethics across JHU on Nov. 14
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us for a symposium as researchers discuss interdisciplinary work on ethical issues across society.