Billboards are used as call outs to highlight specific features of a section. They draw attention by using large images with accompanying content that links off to the highlighted content for more details.

How to Use
  • Billboards are full-width elements that use large images to highlight key content.
  • These are best used between content blocks, and not stacked on top of one another.
  • Do not stack more than two billboards.
  • You are not required to use a button link in the billboard content area.
How to Build

Make sure you are using the “backend editor” to build out the component.

  1. Click the Add New Element plus icon to add a component to the page.
  2. An Add Element window will appear, choose the Billboard option.
  3. The settings dialog box will appear. Fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Click the Edit this row pencil icon on the row containing the new component.
  6. The Row Settings window will appear, find the Row stretch select box and choose  Stretch row and content (no paddings).
  7. Click Save changes.

(Refer content guidelines tab to understand how to write for this component)

Content Guidelines


Billboard headings should be written in Title Case. They should be descriptive phrases that provide a concise description about the content being featured within the billboard component. Billboard headings are always a H2 so they should not be a sentence or end with a period.


  • “Our Work in Action”
  • “Leadership”
  • “Get to Know the Berman Institute”

Length Guidelines: A maximum of 8 words is ideal.


The text area allows for multiple options:

  • Text, link list, button(s) or any combination of these.
  • If using all three options, ensure text does not exceed the length of the photo selected for the billboard.
  • You can use buttons within the billboard text area, this is optional.


  • Text should not exceed the length of the photo selected for the billboard.
  • Aim for no more than 2-4 sentences/40-50 words.
  • If using lengthier text (4+ sentences), do not use a long link list.
  • The button copy should be limited to 2-4 words.


Text: Pursuing graduate study is an investment in your career and your future. Our financial aid professionals are available to provide information about how you can finance the next steps in your education. (32 words)

Billboard Example

Billboard example description text area.

Billboard Example

Billboard example description text area.