Content Feed

How to Use
  • Shows either the most recent news story, project by area, or project by research area with no dates or lable(s).
  • All content is automatically generated.
  • This component is only placed on a row.
How to Build

Make sure you are using the “backend editor” to build out the component.

  1. Click the Add New Element plus icon to add a component to the page.
  2. An Add Element window will appear, choose the Post Type Feed option.
  3. The settings dialog box will appear. Fill in the appropriate fields.
    • This component works best with news, projects and events.
    • It is recommended to hide the labels if you are using only one content type.
    • It is recommended to hide the dates if you are using only projects.
  4. Click Save changes.

(Refer content guidelines tab to understand how to write for this component)

Content Guidelines
  • The most recent post from the selected source will be automatically be populated.
  • To ensure the most recent post shows up correctly in the Feed, be sure to always fill out the “excerpt” field in WordPress in a way that makes sense on its own.
  • Be sure to always select a featured image for each post. Avoid images with text.

Projects By Research Area Example

Projects By Research Area Example – No Dates or Labels