Choose Food: Ethically Benchmarking Food Systems

Choose Food supported informed ethical decision-making around food choices. The project was based on a unique framework for assessing the ethics of food systems.

Our food choices have significant impacts on the environment, animal welfare, the people who work in the food system, and the health and well-being of communities. Many consumers care about these impacts and want to make food choices that better reflect their values. At the same time, food producers want to earn the business of values-driven consumers.

Choose Food was based on a set of Core Ethical Commitments (CECs) that provide a framework for ethical decision-making. The CECs can help consumers think through and prioritize their values, and guide them in choosing foods that are aligned with those values. The CECs can also help guide producers in enhancing the ethics of their practices and products.

Johns Hopkins Project Team

Alan Goldberg, PhD
School of Public Health; Professor
Ruth R. Faden, PhD, MPH
Berman Institute Founder; Philip Franklin Wagley Professor of Biomedical Ethics
Anne Barnhill, PhD
Associate Research Professor
Nicole Civita, J.D.
Sustainable Food Systems Faculty Lead
Claire Davis
Science Writer
Kelly Whalen
Senior Administrative Coordinator