Our Relevant Work on Learning Health Systems (LHCS)

The Berman Institute’s LHS research team’s mission is exemplified through its informative work across key areas that comprise the evolving US Health Care System. Scholars and thought leaders, the team represents decades of experience and the desire to contribute toward ethical practices as organizations and professionals migrate toward self-sustaining Learning Health Systems.

Patients’ Views on Consent and Respect
Demonstrating Respect and Acceptable Consent Strategies: What Matters to Patients in PCOR?
PCORnet Ethics and Regulatory Task Force
Addressing the ethical and regulatory issues related to research that arise in PCORI’s work
Realizing the Goals of Continuous Learning
Insights on Ethics & Implementation from Institutional Leaders in Learning Health Care
Ethics of Integrating Research and Treatment
Filling in the knowledge and policy gaps to ensure high-value health care outcomes
Stakeholder Views on Streamlined Informed Consent
How should patients be informed about research that compares commonly used treatments or widely practiced medical procedures?
NIH Health Care System Research Collaboratory Regulatory/Ethics Core
Navigating regulatory and ethical complexities associated with pragmatic clinical trials in health care systems
Consent for Pragmatic Trials
Are there morally permissible and socially acceptable alternatives to informed consent for low-risk trials?

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