Anti-Racism Reading Group

The Berman Institute’s Anti-Racism Reading Group meets bi-weekly to discuss the role of inclusion, diversity, anti-racism, and equity in the field of bioethics and our scholarship. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic within bioethics with accompanying readings.

The group is open to all and welcomes suggestions for topics of discussion. If you would like to make a suggestion or to join the group, please email [email protected].


Spring 2021

Our goal this term is to develop our understanding of the ways in which anti-racism, diversity, and equity bear on our research and teaching, across the spectrum of bioethics subfields. For each meeting of the reading group, we will select one or two articles or chapters to study and discuss. By the end of the spring term, we hope to have a list of resources that display the variety of ways in which current bioethics scholarship addresses or can address anti-racism, diversity, and equity.


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Fall 2020

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Summer 2020

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