Bioethics Resources

Toolkit: Bioethics and Race #BlackBioethics

The #BlackBioethics Toolkit, hosted by, serves as a resource on articles about bioethics and race, specifically about African-Americans and Black People in the U.S.

#BlackBioethics also includes a list of black bioethicists. The list is intended to amplify their voices and increase awareness of their expertise and work. It is intended to be a shared, continually growing, community resource.

Race, Bioethics, and Public Health Project – Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

The “Race, Bioethics, and Public Health” project aims to provide an online resource library for students, researchers, practitioners, and other members of the community working at the intersection of bioethics, public health, and racial justice. The online archive offers a representative sample of scholarly and popular literature not commonly included in traditional bioethics curricula. By centering the perspectives of communities most impacted by structures of domination, the “Race, Bioethics, and Public Health” project draws primarily from the fields of Black feminism, Africana studies, decolonial thought, queer of color critique, and critical ethnic studies. Readings examine topics ranging from reproductive justice, clinical ethics, and access to health care to environmental justice, biopolitics, artificial intelligence and other medical technologies.

LatinX Bioethics – Raising LatinX voices in the field of Bioethics

Established in 2019, LatinX Bioethics is a group for individuals interested in the work of bioethics and how it impacts and illuminates the lives of LatinX communities and people.  After the relatively short history of bioethics, LatinX Bioethics does not want to wait any longer to aggregate our powerful voices to bring our unique perspectives into the fundamental conversations in bioethics happening every day.  This space is meant to be an inclusive environment that fosters critical conversations and collaboration in academia and beyond.