Use Locations

The information saved in the Projects content type will be used:

  • Project list
  • Content feed component
  • Featured Project Component
  • Program Finder
  • Profile Detail Pages
How To Build

Projects do not have automatically created detail pages, you will need to create a page for this project before adding it to the project content type.

  1. Click on “Pages” in the left sidebar of the admin
  2. Click “Add Page” at the top.
  3. Delete the components that are pre-loaded on the page for you.
  4. Click on the template icon in the blue bar of the WPBakery page builder
  5. Click “Project Base” to give you a starter for a project page, edit as needed until you page contains all project data you want to display. Delete any component that may have been added to the page that you will not need.
  6. In the right sidebar, set the parent to the “Projects” page (unless there is another page you would like this project to live under).
  7. Lower in the right sidebar, set the “Exclude from Child Navigation?” setting to “Yes”.
  8. Preview and publish the page.
  9. Click on “Projects” in the left sidebar of the admin
  10. Click “Add Project” at the top of the page
  11. Fill in all relevant fields.
    • Set the Project Detail page to the page you just created above.
    • Active/Inactive does not remove a project from the site, it will determine if the project shows in the projects list when a user chooses to “Show only active projects”
  12. Once all fields are filled in, click Publish in the top right when all information has been entered to publish the project.