Content Types

A content type is a collection of uniquely structured information which displays on dynamically generated layouts and in components throughout the site.

Content types are how your website stores different kinds of information. This information is managed in one place but can be used in multiple places on your website. Each content types has its own set of fields to store that specific data.

For example: A content type of “Staff” would have fields to store “first name”, “last name”, “title”, “bio”, etc. Once this data is saved and stored, it can be used wherever needed on a site. There may be a page component to display a staff members information. There may be a list of staff members. There maybe a news article linking to them. They may have a detail page with their information.

Because “Staff” is a content type, we can use the staff member’s information in all these places without having to re-enter it every time. Each staff member can have a bio page without you having to create a page for them. Simply add them to the content type, and the website will create it for you. If a staff member gets married and their last name changes, you can update their information in the content type and it will change every place they have been linked.

All content types are listed in the sidebar. Click one to learn more about that content type and how to use it.