playing god? A bioethics podcast

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Introducing playing god?

About playing god?

Life-and-death dilemmas. New medical technologies. Controversial treatments. In playing god? we hear from the patients whose lives were transformed—and sometimes saved—by medical innovations and the bioethicists who help guide complex decisions.

Ventilators can keep critically ill people alive, but when is it acceptable to turn the machines off? Organ transplants save lives but when demand outpaces supply how do we decide who gets them? Increasingly, novel reproductive technologies can help people have babies in ways that are far beyond what nature allows. So, when should such “Brave New World” technologies be introduced and who should control them?

The Berman Institute of Bioethics, in partnership with Pushkin Industries, has launched playing god?, a new podcast. playing god? is hosted by Lauren Arora Hutchinson, Director of the Berman’s Institute’s Dracopoulos-Bloomberg iDeas Lab; executive producers are Anna Mastroianni and Jeffrey Kahn, working closely with Amelia Hood.

New episodes of playing god?, made possible by generous support from The Greenwall Foundation, premiered each Tuesday from October 20 through December 12, 2023. Plans for a second season are currently underway.