Ventilator Nurse Training Program – Nurse Trainee Materials

Welcome to the Ventilator Nurse Training (VeNT) Program, a simulation-based training program for nurses caring for children on chronic home ventilation. This website will provide access to all materials needed for your participation in this program.

complete TAsks in the following order:

Complete tasks in the following order:

1) Open and (if you agree to) complete the pre-training survey prior to viewing the online modules

2) Watch the online modules

Pediatric Tracheostomy Basics
Ventilator 101
Trach/Vent Emergency Situations
SBAR Communication

Introduction to SBAR communication (read before watching the video)

4) Arrange with your agency’s nurse trainers to complete simulation training using emergency trach/vent scenarios.

5) Open and complete (if you agree) the post-training survey