Our faculty are engaged in a wide range of ever-expanding projects, seeking to achieve more ethical practices and policies relevant to human health. Learn more about some of our ongoing projects below, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a full searchable index.

Featured Projects

The Dracopoulos-Bloomberg Bioethics iDeas Lab
A creative studio and incubator for world class stories at the intersection of science, ethics, medicine and public health
A parent holds virtual schools
eSchool+ Initiative
Formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to develop tools and resources for schools to think responsibly about caring for students during school closures and the reopening process
Choose Food: Ethically Benchmarking Food Systems
Empowering eaters by enabling informed ethical decision making around food choices
Ethics for Lunch: Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis
Monthly discussion series reviewed important real-life clinical ethics issues arising from the pandemic
Ethics Issues in Outbreak Containment
An overview of ethics guidance for public health officials in infectious disease outbreak response
Global Food Ethics & Policy Program
Deepening collaborations and partnerships, convening experts and leaders to shape policy, connecting scholars and scientists to societal players that shape the global food system
JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics
Stimulating innovative interdisciplinary work that takes on ethical issues arising in professions and scholarly disciplines, within institutions and society
Oxford-Johns Hopkins Global Infectious Disease Ethics Collaborative (GLIDE)
Identifying and analyzing ethical issues arising in infectious disease treatment, research, response, and preparedness, through the lens of global health ethics
Pediatric Chronic Critical Illness Research & Ethics
Supporting parents and clinicians as they care for children with multi-system disease, dependence on medical technology and frequent/prolonged hospitalizations
PHASES (Pregnancy & HIV/AIDS: Seeking Equitable Study)
Seeking ethical solutions to advance research at the intersection of women’s reproduction and HIV prevention, treatment, and management

Searchable Project Index

Research Ethics

Achieving Ethically Appropriate & Effective Local Context Review by Single IRBs

Identifying the purpose and content of local context review when using a single institutional review board for the ethical review of multisite research

Reexamining the Ethical Permissibility of Dual Role Consent

Developing empirically informed guidance for when physician-investigators may permissibly solicit informed consent for research from patients with whom they have a pre-existing treatment relationship

Institutional Obligations for Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Developing a normative account and practical guidance for embedded pragmatic clinical trials

Data Sharing in Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Identifying the ethical and regulatory issues from requirements to share clinical trials data for pragmatic clinical trials embedded in health systems

Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response

Report led by Berman faculty offers guidance for ethical use of new technologies in fighting Covid

Research Ethics Consultation Service

Helping raise awareness of, and to assist investigators in resolving ethical issues throughout the entire research process.

Seminar Series

Leading bioethics scholars from around the world lecture on vital issues in the field at our biweekly Seminar Series. Lectures, held at lunchtime, are free and open to the public.

Genomics and Society Mentorship Program

Open to undergraduate students, the Program enhances diversity among future ethical, legal and social implications researchers

PHASES (Pregnancy & HIV/AIDS: Seeking Equitable Study)

Seeking ethical solutions to advance research at the intersection of women’s reproduction and HIV prevention, treatment, and management

PREVENT (Pregnancy Research Ethics for Vaccines, Epidemics, and New Technologies)

Equitably including the interests of pregnant women and their offspring in vaccine research and development