Page Settings

The settings listed below are available per page.

Sidebar Settings

Page Attributes - Parent

Use this drop down to chose the parent page of the page you are creating/editing. This is important to maintain organization of the pages and is also how child page navigation is determined.

Page Attributes - Template

A “Landing Page” template will give a page a larger banner area as well as the option to add links to a sub navigation (blue bar directly below the banner).

The other templates in this list are intended for specific pages and should not be used in general page creation.

Page Attributes - Menu Order

Menu will set the order pages will show up in menu, such as the child menu on the left side of most pages. Lower numbers will appear first.

Tip: Number your pages by ten’s (10,20,30,etc.) so if a page is added that needs to be inbetween two pages, you will not have to renumber all pages in the list.

Banner Image

Image: The header banner image.

Title: Typically this field should be left blank so that it will use the page title, but you may overwrite the title with custom text if you need to.

Description: Text entered here will appear in the banner below the title and should be used for intro text.

Exclude from Navigation

Turn this option on if you do not want this page showing in it’s parent, child menu.

Example: Form thank you page. You would not want “Thank You” showing in the child menu but would still want the page to be a child of whatever page the form is on.

Search Exclude

If you do not want this page appear in search results, check the “Exclude from Search Results” box. This will not make the page private, but it will not show in the site’s search results.

Settings Below the Editor

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that is used to help optimize your site for Search Engine Opimization. In the section found here in the page settings, you can tailor how Search Engines see this page, and also look over any tops Yoast might have on how you can improve this page better. Please see the Yoast Documentation for full instructions on how to use this section.