Public Health Ethics

Studying key areas of global public health and health policy

In association with the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Berman Institute conducts independent scholarship in key areas of public health and health policy.

We also train future bioethics scholars, policy makers, and public health professionals, and provide local, national, and international service to policy making bodies.


Berman Institute faculty members are active in both scholarly and academic roles but also in many other areas such as institutional review boards and operations, as well as many policy making initiatives. We invite you to learn more about our faculty and their contributions.

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The Berman Institute leads several education and training programs in bioethics and public health including a PhD program in bioethics and health policy and global bioethics training for individuals from Africa.  The Berman Institute leads course work in public health ethics, genetics policy, ethics and health policy, global public health ethics, food ethics, and ethical issues in U.S. and international public health research.


Berman Institute scholarship in the ethics of public health and health policy is wide and deep. Faculty have been involved with creating foundational frameworks for public health ethics and seminal work on social justice and public health; have worked on many empirical and conceptual projects on public health preparedness, on dozens of empirical and conceptual projects on ethics and infectious diseases including related to HIV, TB, malaria, influenza, HPV, and Ebola;  projects on ethics and health policies including appropriate Medicaid funding, incorporating social justice into economic evaluations of treatments, and ethical implications of health reform; and a considerable and growing program in global and domestic food ethics.

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