Mary Catherine Beach Elected Hastings Center Fellow

Selection recognizes outstanding accomplishment regarding ethical issues in health, science, and technology

eSchool+ Initiative Finds Widespread Discrepancies in School Covid Policies Between and Even Within Individual States

New national tracker of statewide school COVID policies includes district-level analysis in 20 states to monitor inequity in delivery of resources

Berman Institute to Update Deering Hall Donor Wall

Will recognize philanthropic support since building’s dedication a decade ago

Apply Now: Multiple Bioethics Postdoctoral Fellowships Available

Apply for Hecht-Levi Program or positions focusing on Pragmatic Clinical Trials or Infectious Disease

Join the Berman Institute at ASBH 2021

A guide to everything Berman Institute-related at the 23rd annual meeting of the American Society for Bioethics + Humanities, Oct. 11-16

Agri-food Systems Transformation: New, Ambitious Framework Proposed to Monitor Progress

Prof. Fanzo seeks rigorous metrics system in piece published by the Food Policy Journal
An empty hospital hallway

Gail Geller Joins New Project as part of GLIDE Collaborative

Assessing ethical implications of uncertainty for clinical practice during a pandemic: the case of Covid-19 and physicians’ knowledge of evidence-based medicine

Perilous Medicine: The Quest to Restore Protections for Health Workers

Len Rubenstein’s new book highlights dangers health workers face during armed conflict as well as the struggle to protect them

Eyeglasses for School Kids Boosts Academic Performance

Berman Institute's Megan Collins leads three-year clinical study linking access to eyeglasses with higher test scores

Internal Medicine Residents invited to submit applications for Jeremy Sugarman Award recognizing achievements in bioethics

JHU seeks to recognize housestaff for bioethics research achievement

Exploring the Global Systems that Shape Diets and Nutrition for Nations Around the Globe

“Global Food Systems, Diets, and Nutrition: Linking Science, Economics, and Policy” text published by Berman Institute faculty
Map from the COMIT website

Global Policies on COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy Vary Widely by Country

Berman Institute faculty create worldwide snapshot of policies influencing access to COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant people