Donor Profile – Michael Kneeland

“Every action has a reaction, and for nearly twenty-five years, the Berman Institute has played a leading role in identifying and deciphering the thorny ethical dilemmas that are nearly always inherent in medical discovery. Its work touches the lives of everyone in health care, from doctors to nurses to patients and their families, who face issues that present a new world without a compass or map. As new technologies and treatments become available, now more than ever, the Berman Institute will be called upon to address the complex questions that we will face and will, I am confident, provide us with a path forward. I feel privileged to support such a critical endeavor.”

— Michael Kneeland

For 22 years, the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics has tackled moral challenges that have no easy resolutions. As an independent, interdisciplinary center of scholarship and research, the Institute stands as one of the world’s leading centers for ethical dilemmas in science, patient care, and public health, impacting policy in areas of tremendous humanitarian importance.

With support from committed partners like Michael Kneeland, the Berman Institute is poised to continue its mission of training, research, and scholarship — ultimately serving patients and the public through improved protocols that respect the rights and safety of all persons. So much of the Berman Institute’s vital mission is dependent on philanthropic support. Through annual and campaign gifts, the Institute is able to support faculty, students, and facilities. Please join Michael and others who understand the critical need for bioethics scholarship and research. The work generated at the Berman Institute will continue to impact policies and practices that make the world a more ethical, safe, and respectful place. And that is important to all of us.

Michael Kneeland
CEO, United Rentals
Berman Institute National Advisory Board