Building Clinician-Parent Partnerships to Improve Care for Chronically Critically Ill Children (CCI)

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A mother lovingly holds her baby in a hospital room
Parents in a hospital have a discussion with their child's doctor
Family members interact lovingly with a child in a hospital bed

On this website you will find several short videos for families and healthcare providers who are taking care of children who are chronically critically ill (CCI). The number of these children who have underlying medical complexity, need for technology, and repeated/ prolonged hospitalizations is rising.


Taking care of a child that has medical complexity and is admitted repeatedly to the hospital can be challenging.

We created these videos for you as support tools that can guide and be a resource.

While the characters are not real people, their stories are based on real families’ experiences.

For Parents or Caregivers

For Clinicians (MD, RN, Case Manager, PT, OT, CLS, etc.)