Sibil Shibu

MBE Student

Sibil Shibu graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Bioethics and Health Studies, and a minor in Theology from Saint Louis University during the Summer of 2022. Her initial exposure to the field of Bioethics was through an ethics course during her junior year of high school at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. During her undergraduate education, she took a wide variety of bioethics courses through the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics, which instigated a deeper desire in her to pursue further education in this interdisciplinary field. The various health care ethics internships, research opportunities, conferences, and fellowships she partook in have equipped her with various skills to become an innovative leader in this field. Her multifaceted research interests include health policy, ethics and mission integration, the intersection between religion/spirituality and medicine, ethical and policy issues regarding genomic and technological advancements in maternal-fetal medicine, holistic health care, clinical ethics, and systems ethics. During her time at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and through the Berman Institute of Bioethics, she hopes to gain a deeper insight into healthcare law and policy to compliment her fervent drive to serve a community of diverse individuals as an advocate of health equity and social justice.