Seongwon Yun

MBE Student

Seongwon Yun earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2023. Before graduation, he served in the military working at the municipal medical center and was among the first who tried to manage hospital infection when the MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) outbroke in Seoul, South Korea. He then collaborated with the hospital’s medical service design division and helped publish an illustrated process manual for every public hospital in Seoul on how to carry out entrance control of outpatients, inpatients and visitors.

His research on the hospitalization process and end-of-life experience to develop better patient experience later influenced his dissertation on ethical problems involving PAS (Physician-assisted suicide) and the concept of death. Despite there being no bioethicist or similar experts to supervise his dissertation, Seongwon was able to introduce some bioethical concepts and publications that were never reviewed before in Korea. Seongwon is working to understand the moral aspects involved in human death, organ transplant, physician’s duty and patient’s autonomy on end-of-life decisions, and is now also interested in healthcare equity, medical prevention and policy making. He enjoys outdoor adventures like swimming, trekking and backpacking, and spending time doing woodworking and leathercrafting. He also has green fingers.