Safura Abdool Karim, PhD, LLM

Hecht-Levi Fellow

Safura Abdool Karim is a public health lawyer, whose research has focused on improving health through the law. She completed her PhD in Law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal following an LLM in Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center and a clerkship at the Constitutional Court in South Africa. As a practicing lawyer and legal researcher, her policy impact ranges from her role in advising the South African National Department of Health on food labelling to her contributions in addressing Covid-19 vaccine inequity in Africa. Her PhD focused on legal approaches to reducing risk factors for non-communicable diseases, including regulations restricting salt content in food, taxes on sugar-containing beverages and food labelling. As a GLIDE Fellow at the Berman Institute, she is interested in issues of equity, justice and human rights in the context of the prevention of infectious diseases with a particular focus on mechanisms to enhance equity in accessing novel technologies for those in the Global South.