Ricky Mouser, PhD

Hecht-Levi Fellow

Ricky Mouser completed his PhD in Philosophy at Indiana University. His research in Bioethics and AI explores how the incompleteness and incommensurability of our values preclude their strict optimization. Even so, we can clearly do better and worse in qualitative terms. He is interested in questions like: What does it mean to agree that this way of describing a moral conflict is more illuminating or insightful than thatone? How can one ethical understanding or perspective be richer, fuller, or less self-deceptive than another? When an ethicist becomes convinced that Perspective B lets us appreciate some incommensurable conflict in a qualitatively better way than Perspective A, why should we trust them? As a Hecht-Levi Fellow, Ricky hopes to develop an empirically-informed account of bioethical progress by interrogating contemporary AI and Bioethicists on their own terms as practitioners working within historically-developed, openly incomplete value systems. Because our commitments within these systems can conflict intelligibly, he is particularly interested in how there can be clear cases of progress, where our practices demonstrably improve.