Nicole Foti, PhD

Hecht-Levi Fellow

Nicole Foti completed her PhD in Sociology from the University of California San Francisco. Her research focuses on health inequity, innovation, and the politics of knowledge production and ownership in biomedicine. She approaches these topics through an investigation of emergent scientific movements and policies that seek to restructure the political economy of biomedicine. Nicole’s dissertation investigated citizen science and open science movements to expand access to pharmaceuticals, situating these forms of social action within broader concerns over expanding privatization. Her dissertation was funded by the Center for Engaged Scholarship. As a Hecht-Levi fellow, she will continue her program of research on equitable approaches to organize the political economy of innovation by examining state responses to multiple recent public health crises and interventions in the private market. Nicole’s research contributes to three mutually intertwined ethics issues: health equity; justice, especially for the equitable distribution of resources and access; and governance of biomedical innovations, particularly at the nexus of public funding, open science, and markets.