Lily Nygren

MBE Student

Lily graduated in 2021 with a degree in Biology from Bates College, a liberal arts institution in Maine, with academic concentrations in English and The Human Body. During her senior year she conducted research examining Rotavirus and its NSP4 protein structure, where she experimented with altered amino acid sites in an effort to inhibit the enterotoxin. She also has past experience working as a lab assistant mainly on genetics and gene isolation.

Her interest in bioethics stemmed from the ethical questions surrounding gene editing techniques & therapies, as well as other emerging biotechnologies and their implementation into society. Lily is interested in a career that combines ethics with policy making, and she hopes to attend law school in the future. Outside of academics, Lily was a two-sport collegiate athlete playing soccer and hockey, and she enjoys volunteering at the Maine Community Foundation and her local Ronald McDonald House. Lily is excited to be surrounded by passionate and thoughtful people in the bioethics community!