Ian Tully, PhD

Hecht-Levi Fellow

Ian is a philosopher who received his PhD from Washington University in. St. Louis in 2018. After graduating he spent two years working for Washington University’s IRB before joining the Berman Institute. His research primarily concerns depression – both the ways it can inform perennial topics in moral philosophy, and the ways the tools of philosophy can be brought to bear to better understand it. As a Hecht-Levi fellow he will be working with Dr. Hanna Pickard to continue exploring these and other issues, as well as helping her advance her research projects on the topic of addiction. He hopes that his time as a fellow will help him develop and grow as a philosopher interested primarily in biomedical ethics. When he isn’t doing philosophy, he’s likely to be outdoors – hiking or camping – or at home with his wife, two cats, and a rotating cast of foster kittens.