A parent holds virtual schools

Emergency Homeschool is Not Homeschooling

MBE student Vivian V. Altiery De Jesús writes about the ethical concerns of COVID-19-homeschool

In Fight Against COVID-19, Nurses Face High-Stakes Decisions

Cynda Rushton discusses conditions and decisions nurses encounter daily wrestling with huge challenges posed by coronavirus 

An Ethical Framework to Guide Hospitals During COVID-19

Jeffrey Kahn Q&A about JHU-led project to guide hospitals through the ethics of resource allocation

No Visitors in the Hospital … Unless You’re in Labor?

Hecht-Levi Fellow Marielle Gross considers no-visit policies’ impact on patient care

Publishing During the COVID-19 Epidemic: Prompt Conclusions or Quality Studies?

Prof. Michael Erdek cautions against a rush to faulty judgment

Looming Blood Shortage Raises Ethical Questions about Allocation

Berman Institute Director Jeffrey Kahn publishes NY Daily News commentary

JHU Faculty Express Urgent Concern about Covid-19 Spread in Prison

More than 200 sign letter urging Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to take action

An Approach for Rationing Care During the Pandemic

Faculty share insights from Berman Institute project in Washington Post commentary

Overview: Ethical Concerns in Responding to Coronavirus

Berman Institute experts discuss critical principles

Failure to Respect Needs of Vulnerable Groups Will Undermine Response

Read Prof. Berger's BMJ paper: "Covid-19: Control Measures Must Be Equitable and Inclusive"

COVID-19’s Impact on Berman Institute Operations

Key resources and frequent updates for the Johns Hopkins University community

Commentary: Coronavirus Could Result in School Closings in the U.S.

We must make sure these closings meet the needs of low-income children. Our Ruth Faden writes that, "Home alone, hungry and scared, is not an ethically acceptable outcome for any child during a pandemic." in the Baltimore Sun.